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Our Core

About UMT ICO and farm.

UMT or Ultimate Mining Token. Is a bitcoin cryptocurrency mining platform. The tokens are for one-time use. Unlike some websites which offer contract per farm-life or 10 years.
This token can be used to buy mining power directly from website, and very larger profit ratio than conventional mining farms.
Our farm is planned to hold a cappacity of 500 BTC Miners Bitmain S17 of which 300 are from the ICO and 200 from initial funding.

This farm will produce 35.000TH/S
Which is equal to 5-10 Million dollars the first year only.

UMT Advantages:

  • Easy to use Waves TOKENS
  • 300-550% ROI In a short period
  • 3 Stages of Initial Sales
  • Safe EU location
  • Many coins and all creditcards are accepted
  • The only ICO which accepts PayPal payment!
Power Startup

Buy BTC mining power with UMT, as soon as 120 days after the main ICO completion.

Waves hosted Token

The Waves token is easy to use and risk-free. Dont have an account? Create one for free

Weekly payout in BTC

All who choose to use UMT to buy hashing power will recieve weekly payout untill their UMT is spent.

Exchange or keep UMT

Trade UMT easily on the DAX exchange. Or keep the tokens as they will be able to buy  hashing power for a long while.

Our Goal

A powerful Cloud mining tool for our valued community

Forget about expensive equipment in your shed. Or untrustworthy mining pools online. With UMT, our goal is to provide a well priced cloud mining service to all our backers.

Our clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

Token structure

Distibution of Tokens


Why do we offer over 400% and in some cases 500% profits for our investors?

It is simple, UMT tokens are for one time use, they will be burned up once you purchase hasing power. We will not offer lifetime profits , since this is not something we can promiss with certainty to our valued community.

  • 92% Distributed to investors

  • 5% Reserve

  • 2% Advisors

  • 1% Bounty campaign

Distribution # token
Pre-sale 20% 10,000,000
Sold during Token Sale 80% 50,000,000

Hashing BTC with Ultimate Mining Token

UMT Tokens are for one time use. They will be burned up when you trade them with us for BTC hashing power. Payouts will be weekly to your BTC adress untill you’r tokens are burned up. You dont need a BTC adress to buy UMT, just to spend them.

The average investor should recieve from 300-400% Profits + Early investor Bonus. Read more about this in the Whitepaper or Discounts section.

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Sale Ends

April 10th, 2020, 23:59:59 UTC

Sale bonuses

Discount Rates


Price $0.05


10,000,000 UMT
20th February

Price $0.075


20,000,000 UMT
10th March

Price $0.1


30,000,000 UMT

All token purchases before March 20th will recieve a special bonus code that will grant benefits when trading UMT in for BTC hashing power.

Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

Start: January 20, 2020)
Hard cap: $5m
Token: UMT
Exchange rate: 1 UMT= 0.1$ USD
Project protocol: WAVES

Payment options

Please read

Make sure you enter a correct WAVES adress that you have acces to.

Create a free account here

Enter your adress in the ” Waves adress” field, there is no need to enter it anywhare else, if it is entered correctly in the proper place.

If you fail to enter a valid adress, please contact customer support to retrieve your payment.



January 10th, 2020
50% Pre sale
April 10th
Main ICO Completion
July 2020
Hashing power distribution for UMT Tokens
February 20th
25% ICO
April 11th, 2020
All investors will be notified for further information
April 12th
A tradeable token on the DAX

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